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Everything you need to know about attending the 2024 UCI BMX World Cup as a spectator, volunteer, or lead-in event participant

The 2024 UCI BMX Racing World Cup in Brisbane is almost here, and with so much happening before and during the event, we’ve put together a list of key questions and considerations that the public may have.

AusCycling spoke to major event advisor for the BMX World Cup Steve Peterson to find out what spectators, volunteers and media can expect at Brisbane SX from February 24-25.

Peterson is an internationally experienced major event organiser with significant experience across most disciplines working with and for the UCI. Fresh from the UCI World Cycling Championships in Glasgow last year, and as head of sport for the UCI Road World Championships in Wollongong 2022, he has been working with AusCycling's project team, the UCI, as well as the venue team at Sleemans Sport Complex, to ensure Brisbane's hosting of the World Cup is successful.

General admission vs grandstand ticketing

Only one grandstand will be available at the venue. It will be located on the first straight and seat about 400 people. All grandstand tickets are now sold out. All other tickets are general admission (GA) tickets.

Steve says: “We were overwhelmed with the response for grandstand tickets, and while a seat in the grandstand will give ticket holders a great view of the action, there still is incredible value in a GA ticket. They easily allow patrons to roam the venue, and they have the same access to the expo area and Anna Meares Velodrome next door as any ticket holder.

“There will be a big screen at the venue to make it easier to watch the action, and unlike other BMX events in Australia, there will be no allocated tent sites at Brisbane SX, so patrons can get right up to the fence line where there is access. Accordingly, we encourage patrons to get to the venue early if they want the best viewing positions.”


Sleeman Sports Complex has multiple parking areas, however some regular parking areas will be off limits to the public, as they will be occupied by the team tent area, warm-up/cool-down zones, or prioritised for accessibility or VIP access.

Steve says: “With up to 3000 people expected at the venue each day, parking will be at a premium, and patrons are encouraged to consider alternatives that will reduce their reliance on being able to drive and park at the venue.

“This can include car-pooling, getting there early, catching public transport, or riding a bike to the venue. These options reduce stress on the venue capacity and on all patrons attending the event.”


Alcohol will be available at the World Cup, served in plastic. No glass items are permitted in the venue. Bag checks will take place on entry, and anyone found in the possession of alcohol (or other prohibited items) will be removed from the venue.

Steve says: “The BMX World Cup is going to be a huge event, and we want everyone to enjoy themselves as much as possible watching the action. But we also want to ensure it is a safe and enjoyable experience for families and people of all ages, so we have taken steps to ensure access to alcohol doesn’t prevent this from happening.

“Alcohol will be available, but only in licensed areas away from the track. Serving times will also be restricted, and of course, all alcohol will be served by RSA licensed staff. Alcohol is not permitted to be brought into the venue, and anyone found to be intoxicated will be asked to leave.”


The BMX community has responded to the call out for volunteers during the event, with most positions now rostered for the three event days of the World Cup. However, event organisers want to be clear about what volunteering for the BMX World Cup entails.

Steve says: “Volunteers are critical to the overall success of the event, and we want to sincerely thanks those that have put their hand up to contribute their time and effort to the event. We also encourage spectators to give them a smile and say thank you – we couldn’t do it without them! The UCI will be paying attention to details like this, and the number and competency of our volunteers will go a long way towards ensuring events like this return to Australian soil in the future.

“However, we also need to be clear about the expectations of volunteers. They will not have the same level of access as UCI officials, and while rostered on they may not be able to see the racing. Volunteering also does not provide free entry to the event. However, all volunteers are provided with a packed lunch on the days they are rostered, while the volunteer t-shirt from the event is theirs to keep. Volunteers can also request a certificate of acknowledgement if desired.”

Venue set up

With an event of this size, and because of the need to accommodate international teams and riders, regular patrons of Sleeman Sports Complex will notice the venue is set-up differently from your typical week-to-week operations. This has been done to maximise the patron utility and experience, and patrons are encouraged to make the most of their time at the event while understanding some regular facilities and features of the venue may be unavailable during the event.

Steve says: “Thanks to the help of Stadiums Queensland, we will be able to transform the venue into a complete spectator experience. Brisbane SX will be reconfigured to accommodate a VIP area and broadcast operations, while pro shops, food trucks, and destination tents give plenty of interest away from the track.

“Patrons also have access to the concourse and seating inside Anna Meares Velodrome to escape the heat or inclement weather if needed. Yes, we want to fill the viewing space around the track, but we also want people to be able to enjoy the whole experience of the World Cup throughout the venue.”

Track bookings

One of the unique experiences of the World Cup is that club BMX riders can race on the same track as the Elite riders in the lead-up events during the week. This includes people from outside of Brisbane and interstate, so understandably, participants have asked about being able to get adequate practice time on track before racing in the lead-up events.

Steve says: “Originally, we looked at taking control of all track hire from February 14, but not knowing what the level of demand for track hire would be, we decided to only hire the track for World Cup practice sessions from Monday, February 19 onwards. Anything before this time is being handled by Sleeman Sports Complex, and they have scheduled an open track session on Friday, February 16. Gates open at 3.30pm, with the 8 metre hill available from 4-5pm only, and the 5 metre hill available from 5-6pm only.

“The only scheduled track sessions after Monday, February 19 are for World Cup teams, which can be purchased through our shop. Any opportunity outside of this will depend on the bump-in schedule, and of course if more practice sessions become available, we will let participants know as soon as possible.”

Access to areas inside the track and media accreditation

The Queensland State Series, Oceania Continental Championship, AusCycling National Series, and open World Cup training sessions give international riders an opportunity to get competitive race laps in at Brisbane SX prior to the World Cup. This unique arrangement has required event organisers to reconsider their approach to media access to the inside of the track during the week.

Steve says: “One of the great things about BMX State Series and National Series events is there are not too many barriers to being able to turn up, get a media vest, and get inside the track to take photos and videos. However, with international riders competing in these lead-up events, we anticipate far greater interest than normal from photographers to get access to inside the track.

“Accordingly, we’ve adopted a blanket media accreditation process for the week leading up to the World Cup. This gives us greater control over access to the inside of the track, which is critical for rider and media safety. To apply for media accreditation during the lead-up events, media need to complete this online form. Patrons without appropriate accreditation will not have access to the inside of the track during these events. Access to the track during the World Cup is extremely limited and restricted to UCI-approved media only.

More questions? Check out the FAQ page or email


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